Award losing power duo and terrible band name namers, The Barren Spinsters are a band that certainly make good looking album covers. The Barren Spinsters are the kind of band that Jack White would maybe join if he lowered his standards.

They look like a two-piece, sound like a five piece, and move like a hair piece. The guy at the front in the bucket hat (Brendon Houlahan) is a bit weird, but the bloke at the back (Matt Tennant) fortunately holds it all together. Together, The Barren Spinsters deliver 70s blues rock with a modern thrashy twist. Much the same way that Wolfmother doesn’t. 

After the release of their 2019 debut album ‘Ten Steps to Cynical Thinking’ the Spinsters played some amazing festivals (who were obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel), sharing stages with the likes of Jet, The Cat Empire, Missy Higgins, Regurgitator, Butterfingers, Newton Faulkner (UK), Tim Finn, The Superjesus, The Delta Riggs and more. It’s fitting that they have a song titled ‘Punching Above Your Weight’, because The Barren Spinsters are bloody champions at it.

Continuing their run of good album covers and questionable material, the boys are set to drop their latest album ‘Let The Music Ruin Your Life’ later this year. From where specifically and from what exact height is yet to be determined.

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