Rolling Hot out of Wagga  Wagga NSW, Barr-Nun have huge ambitions and are huge advocates for Chiko Rolls and Beers. We’re heavily influenced by Australian rock indie groups such as Skegss,  The Terrys and Amyl and the Sniffers. We love playing live and want to try and give as many people as we can our high-energy entertaining performances. Another love of ours is socialising after our shows we play and catching up with the legends that come to watch us play.We’re not the sort of people you’d normally expect to see together, a long-haired yahoo who loves a chat (Joshie Barr, 19), a book smart 18-year-old with a fully grown beard (Nic Marinac, 18), a rare unit who always has something odd to say (Paddy Prest, 19) and a latecomer to the band who is just obsessed with ACCA DACCA (Lachie Burton, 19). All in All our passion for writing has created an unbreakable friendship and bond of laughter, good times and good tunes. Barr-Nun first met up in a music class at school, but we quickly started jamming in Paddy’s backyard shed with a taxidermied crocodile named Dave hanging from the roof which quickly got named the sesh shed, These days we meet up to play so often our kick pedal is held together by a dog collar and Joshie slams vocals through a party speaker which Presty’s neighbour gave us. At this point in time our legendary drummer boy Paddy Prest has temporarily left the band to play Rugby union in the U.K so we have legend Joesph “Joey” Skewes filling in on the drums whilst he is gone !!!! Always remember To heat up

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